Video Health

With the COVID-19 outbreak many people are unable to leave the house to seek relief for their pain. We are here to help. By harnessing technology we aim to bring the knowledge, expertise and care of your osteopath to you in your home.

How does this work?

  1. Make an appointment for a Video Health using our online booking system here
  2. If you are a new patient, we will email you an online consultation form which should take around 15-20 minutes to complete.
  3. We will email you the morning of your appointment with a link to the video appointment.
  4. At the time of your booking we will text you a reminder, click the link and off we go.
  5. We will follow-up with exercises, advice and provide ongoing support to you via an App on your phone or via email

Is my injury / pain suitable for online consultation?

The majority of musculoskeletal injuries are suitable for online osteopathy consultation, but if we determine that your injury or situation is not at all suitable for an online consultation by an osteopath, we will let you know.

How can you diagnose me without touching me?

All osteopathy appointments start with a ‘subjective assessment’, in which we ask you a well-structured series of questions designed to discover what we need to know about your injury (without touching you). By the end of the subjective assessment, we already have a clear idea of your probable diagnosis. We may then perform some tests to confirm this diagnosis. We may then ask  further questions or ask you to perform certain movements and will then assess your feedback regarding these. This process should clarify diagnosis. If we are unsure of your diagnosis, we will not hesitate to refer you.

How can you treat me without touching me?

We are at a time where being with other people could make you unwell, yet you are in pain. Osteopaths are equipped with an array of tools to help you so we will call on all our other skills to help you heal.  Educating you about your condition, identifying contributing factors from your lifestyle, as well as instigating a structured and tailored exercise program, are some of the most important thing osteopaths can do to help you until we can once again get ‘hands on’.

How do I know I’m doing the exercises right?

The wonders of modern technology open up a whole world of possibility. You could attach a photo or video of yourself doing the exercise/s, or even organise for us to check them via your webcam in real time! All the exercise descriptions are very clear and illustrated by photo or video, so often this makes things very clear.

Is this just for adults?

Not at all! This is a time for family and we are committed to continuing to support your family’s health. We will continue to treat mums, babies, children along with those during pregnancy in the best way we can while respecting the social distancing rules in place at the moment.

How much does this cost?

If you are in pain or just need to speak to one of us about how to look after your health or exercise routine while homebound, please do book in for a free 15-minute telephone consultation. There is no charge for this.

If you are after something more in-depth then the video consultation is more suitable. If you are a new patient to our clinic the charge is £40 and for a returning patient the charge is £30. In the appointment we aim to:

  • Cover any updates on you / your child’s health as usual
  • Offer natural forms of pain-relief advice
  • Check you / your child’s alignment and movement patterns
  • Demonstrate and advise on exercises for adults and children using our individualised exercise program
  • Demonstrate and advise on self-treatment using balls, bands and foam rollers
  • Make lifestyle recommendations to support your family’s nutrition, sleep and hormonal health

What if the online video appointment isn’t right for me?

We are confident we can help you via this method but if your condition isn’t appropriate for osteopathy or you don’t feel the appointment is right for you there is no charge.


Osteopathy Appointment – Initial Video Consultation – New Patient



Osteopathy – Follow-up Video Appointment