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Hands-on treatment to restore the body to its natural balance.

Pain or discomfort can be a real bump in the road and stop you from living your life to the full. Osteopathy can help restore your body to health so you can get back to doing what you love. Using manual techniques such as joint movements and mobilisation, our osteopaths can help restore your body’s optimal function, allowing it to heal.

If you’ve never seen an osteopath before, or would like to find out if your problem is suitable for treatment, please call us or send us a text / WhatsApp on 07970 807625.

Cranial Osteopathy

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Cranial osteopathic treatment can provide relief from a wide range of problems and is suitable for all ages.

Our experienced and qualified cranial osteopaths use gentle manual techniques to release deep-seated tension from the whole body. Because it is so gentle, we often use Cranial Osteopathy to treat babies and young children but contrary to what you may have heard, it can be used on people of all ages and can be an effective body-wide treatment.

Free Baby Check

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We offer a free online Baby Check service to talk through any issues causing you or your baby concern.

We take a full medical history prior to assessment and if osteopathic treatment is needed we'll let you know.

To book a Baby Check with one of our cranial osteopaths, send us a WhatsApp on 07970 807625.

Mummy MOT

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Our Mummy MOT is a specialist postnatal assessment we recommend for all women following giving birth – whether 6 weeks or years after.

Most women experience weakened stomach and pelvic floor muscles after giving birth, creating instability and poor core strength. This can result in problems such as back pain, pelvic pain, bladder and bowel weaknesses.

We’ll look at the strength and function of your abdominal and pelvic floor muscles and work to understand how your body is compensating for these changes. Together, we’ll help you achieve your goals and regain your confidence.

This includes:

  • Assessment of your tummy muscles after pregnancy
  • Evaluation of your pelvic floor muscles (internal vaginal assessment is optional)
  • Check for scar tissue, rib cage changes and other postnatal issues
  • Full screen of your posture, breathing and physical changes
  • Recommendations for tummy and pelvic floor exercises

C-Section Recovery

Woman with a c-section scar, holding a baby.

Our C-section recovery program integrates our knowledge as Scar Therapists and Mummy MOT practitioners to optimise your recovery.

Often scars can feel tight, restrict mobility, be painful or have reduced sensation. This treatment helps to smooth out the scar and integrate it with the rest of the myo-fascial system. If you're not sure how to optimise your recovery from your c-section or how to get back to exercise, this appointment is for you.

Scar therapy can start as early as six weeks after a c-section. However, it's never too late to work on a scar and see results.

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