Our Team

Felicity Bertin B,Ost, MSCC

Registered Osteopath, NCT Breastfeeding Peer Supporter

After graduating from The British School of Osteopathy with a Distinction, Felicity  registered with the General Osteopathic Council and Institute of Osteopathy and undertook  post-graduate training in Cranial, Obstetric and Paediatric Osteopathy. She has lectured at Masters level in Embryology, Developmental Biology and Neuro-Musculo-Skeletal Medicine.  Through her training as a breastfeeding peer supporter she has developed a keen interest in working with children with feeding difficulties and is an affiliate of the Association of Tongue-tie Practitioners and founder of the Association of Bodyworkers. She is currently training to be a lactation consultant (IBCLC) and is one of the first osteopaths to enrol in the Sutherland Cranial College Paediatric Osteopathy Diploma and has undertaken training at Southampton Hospital in the division of tongue-tie in infants.   She has co-authored two books on children’s eating (Yummy Discoveries: The Baby-led Weaning Recipe Book and Yummy Discoveries: Worry-free Weaning) both available to buy on Amazon, and offers support to families weaning their babies on to solid food and managing fussy eating.

Julie-ann Gillitt, M.Ost, Dip Paed Ost.

Registered Osteopath,

Julie-ann is a consultant at the internationally renowned Osteopathic Centre for Children in London (the clinical arm of the Foundation for Paediatric Osteopathy). She is highly experienced in diagnosing and treating a wide spectrum of musculoskeletal problems. As an experienced sports massage therapist and lecturer in sports massage, she aims to relieve pain, restore optimum musculoskeletal health and function and to prevent the recurrence of problems. She has a particular interest and experience in the treatment of expectant and post-partum mothers, babies and children, having completed a Postgraduate Diploma in Paediatric Osteopathy at The Osteopathic Centre For Children. She offers both cranial and structural osteopathy for adults, children and babies as well as preparing women for labour and post-natal rehabilitation. Julie-ann volunteers in the community providing osteopathic treatment to children with special needs and learning disabilities.

Jacqueline Shergold

Registered Osteopath

Jacqueline joins us after having worked for some years as an Osteopath internationally in Australia and Ireland. She gained her Bachelor Degree in Clinical Sciences and a Masters of Health Science in Osteopathy from Victoria University, Australia. She has also taught anatomy at University level and therefore has a great understanding of the human body in function and dysfunction.
Jacqueline enjoys treating a wide variety of conditions with a particular passion in women’s health, children and babies. She has undertaken postgraduate training in Cranial, Obstetric and Paediatric Osteopathy. She uses cranial, structural osteopathy and rehabilitation in combination for the best possible outcomes. She has completed a Postgraduate Diploma in Paediatric Osteopathy at the internationally renowned Osteopathic Centre for Children in London.

Luci Lishman

Lactation consultant (IBCLC), Tongue-tie practitioner and Registered midwife

Luci trained as a general nurse and midwife before obtaining her IBCLC. In 2009 She trained under Mervyn Griffiths at Southampton to qualify as a tongue-tie practitioner. She is a full member of the Association of Tongue-tie professionals and has carried out in excess of 2500 tongue-tie divisions.